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Magazine “Housewife’s Recipes. Secrets of Delicious Cuisine.”

More than 100 recipes (with photo) on 68 pages.

Delicious recipes are published everywhere but the secrets of their cooking are revealed rarely.

It the first time within publications that we share true secrets of delicious cuisine. They are shared to us by the best wedding chefs who have already prepared thousands of dishes for hundred weddings and pleased the tastes of hundred fastidious guests.

Our readers are the authors of the magazine. They teach and give useful tips on how to prepare perfect chicken in jelly, bake soft sponge cake or smoke sausages.

In every issue you may find hot and cold appetizers, salads, soups, meat, vegetables and fish dishes. The recipes of ancient Ukrainian and foreign dishes will enrich your cuisine and give ideas for healthy meals.

Publication frequency: 4 per quarter

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