The efficiency of advertising in newspapers and magazines

The efficiency of advertising in newspapers and magazines

Print media is an effective advertising medium with large audience: studies show that over 70% of the Ukrainians buy newspapers on a regular basis. It is by 9% more than regular Internet users (UIA data of 5/2015) and the powerful argument for those skeptics believing that the press age has already passed.

5 myths about print media – presentation (pdf)

Newspapers and magazines try to adhere to professional standards even in the information boom era: explore the topic, check facts. Though conceding the Internet in promptness, press wins by reasonable positions and information quality.

As a result, more people trust the printed newspapers and magazines. And trust in newspapers and magazines and their credibility is automatically transferred to the advertisements placed in these periodicals.

Advertisements placed in newspapers and magazines of “Express Media Group” companies’ group became useful to 54.3% of readers.

Experience shows that advertising placed in print newspapers and magazines during the month increases sales by 25% or more.




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